AMMAN – A high-quality Jordanian Lifestyle and activewear brand called RB Fashion was established by Rawan Al-Adwan, a 32-year-old Jordanian, and her siblings, Bayan and Abdellatif.

They started their journey in 2019 by taking design courses so they can start their business professionally. They worked on their online project while holding other jobs.

“We are running the business on the side with the support of part-time jobs that we create based on the needed tasks,” Rawan Al-Adwan said.

Their first step was with ready-to-wear items, after which, in 2021, they moved to activewear items.

“We launched one year after the pandemic started and kicked off fairly and sometimes better than our competitors,” Adwan said.

RB Fashion offers bespoke and unique sportswear. Its designs are made with cuts that combine modernity, femininity, and strength. Noticing the gap in modest activewear market, RB sought to address the lack of workout apparel that provides full coverage while still being flattering, stylish, functional, and sweat-friendly, bearing in mind the need to perform sports movements effectively.

RB Fashion founders believe that shopping should be a pleasant experience tailored to the needs of the women’s body and a way to celebrate their active lifestyles and fashion sense. They also believe that there is nothing more beautiful than confidence and originality, and this inspired the creation of modest activewear line for women with different cuts and lengths.
RB Fashion items are manufactured locally.

“Expanding our business team helped provide job opportunities for the youths,” Adwan said.

The siblings use their pages on Instagram, and Facebook to draw attention to what they call RB Fashion Me. Their website is Their pages and the website include many features which make it easier for women to know more about the brand, check available sportswear, and order online.

The website is attractive, easy to use, and shows sizes, available colors, and prices. Women could also contact the team, exchange and return items through the website.

Adwan stressed that in the digital era, their focus is more on the online and digital presence, but they might create something for traditional shopping.

RB Fashion delivers both locally and internationally. Choosing to deliver their items internationally helped increase the number of customers; it is also proof that the team’s efforts were successful.

At this stage, the three siblings are focusing on creating items with innovative fabrics, so their costs area a bit higher.

RB Fashion’s mission is to “empower every woman to find her unique style with an abundance of modest options without compromising quality”.
A great sign of the brand’s fast-growing popularity is the customers’ response to it; reviews show how satisfied they are. Most repeated comments say that the fabric is soft, elegant, and comfortable; they also commend the “nice team and selling services”, and highly recommend RB Fashion items for women wearing the hijab and busy mothers who need to be comfortable and active all the time.

Will they siblings stop here?
“We are looking forward to expanding our business more in 2022,” Adwan said.

It's worth mentioning that RB Fashion is one of the many designers that are supported by Zain Jordan through “Dezain space” which was launched in 2018 to support the continual growth of the designing sector across the kingdom, and to shed light on Jordanian creative designs, in addition to providing the opportunity for the Jordanian designers to reach the markets, connecting them with other designers to collaborate with each other, mentoring them and empower them to expand their business and grow.
January 01, 2022