I have absolutely loved my experience with RB Athleisure! As soon as I made an account, one of the founders personally reached out to me through voice text and wanted to know about my experience ordering and if I had any feedback to better their services. I was blown away, to say the least, and will say that that kind of customer service is not only rare but it also made me even more excited to try their products!

I am an American woman living in the GCC and I workout with local women in my
Neighborhood. I always want to be respectful and honoring to the people around me with the way that I dress and am IN LOVE with the performance jacket and squat hoodie I purchased from RB Athleisure! They are both lightweight, fashionable, modest and have the best detail to each piece! I feel so good when I leave the house knowing I am respecting the culture around me and truly feeling so beautiful while doing it!

Author: Rachael Skrobot

July 23, 2022