RB e-Gift Card

30 JD

Want to be sure that your loved ones enjoy their gift? Choose the RB Gift Card and give them the gift of choice!

An innovative & functional collection that we created after listening to our customers voice, you can never go wrong with your gift!

Easy to buy, easy to use! Try it out for yourself now!

RB Gift Card Terms & Conditions :
1. RB Gift Card is Valid for 3 months from the date of issue.
2. RB Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash either in full or part.
3. Should the purchase value exceed the value of the Gift Card, the differential value should be paid by the customer who redeems the Gift Card.
4. No replacement / compensation are permissible /payable for lost RB Gift Card.
5. RB Gift Card issued cannot be returned or refund.
6. Items purchased by the RB Gift Card are following the refund and exchange policy of the store.
7. RB Gift Card is governed by the RB Gift Card T & C in force from time to time.