I have been cycling for the past four years, cycling is not just a hobby but a safe place for me to express myself. I might love cycling, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t challenges that I face. The nature of cycling requires the female cyclists to be able to easily access her belongings and her gear without necessarily stopping or thinking about dropping things on the way, hence the need for specific tops and tights that have specific pockets to fit the needs of a cyclist.

As a modest hijabi woman, I faced a major challenge in finding clothes that were both suitable for cycling and for me as a person. I had to resort to wearing clothes that either didn’t work with cycling or clothes that did but didn’t with me. I tried time and time again to find solutions to my problem, but none of them made me feel comfortable while cycling, and the one’s that could’ve worked out were either custom-made or too expensive.

I stumbled upon RB Athleisure just when I was about to give up on my search for a modest cycling top, and I was extremely impressed. I specifically liked that the founders weren’t interested in profits but instead in creating modest activewear that is tailored for the modern Muslim woman without compromising quality, durability, and style.

I tried out the co-created cycling top sample from RB and I fell in love with it.The quality was amazing, everything from the premium fabrics to the stitching was just perfect. It was very comfortable and felt just like any other cycling top, except this one, didn’t make me feel like I was going against my beliefs or against who I was. Although it solved the modesty issue, it was lacking some of the necessities a cyclist requires, like having sturdy pockets that keep my belongings safe. I contacted RB Athleisure and gave them my feedback thinking that it would be like any other company that just cares about selling the product rather than satisfying the customer, but I was surprised to find that the company reached out to me and took a detailed account of what I think should be changed, and assured me that changes would be made.

Being a modest woman who loves to cycle, I’d like to thank the team behind RB Athleisure for their dedication and amazing work towards creating a brand that gaps the bridge between modest women and activewear, they have truly changed my relationship with cycling for the better.

Author: Nermeen Badr, Cyclist

July 23, 2022